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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Australian Family Encounters Glowing Object On The Road

One of the most fascinating aspects regarding this phenomenon is the automobile and aircraft encounters that have occurred over the decades. I came across this incident which is very similar to the Levelland, Texas Landings, where 15 independent motorists encountered a glowing object landed or just hovering over the road interfering with the automobiles electronics affectively shutting them down. These encounters are commonly known as “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” where physical trace evidence can be studied.


In 1988, one of Australia’s most bizarre cases occurred. The event began as the Knowles family was driving along the Nullabor Plain on a January day.

The Knowles family mother, Faye, was traveling with three of her sons; 24-year-old Patrick, 21-year-old Sean, and 18-year-old Wayne. Two of their dogs accompanied them. Sean was at the wheel, with Patrick also in the front seat. As they headed down the highway, ahead of them on the road was a bright light.

Source of the Light

With great curiosity, Sean sped up to find out the source of the light. Later, he would realize this was the wrong move. As their vehicle neared the light, they could make out a shape; an angular egg sitting in a cup with a yellow center. They estimated its size at about one meter.

The object appeared to be either sitting on the road, or hovering just above it. It also slightly moved back and forth. Now upon the object, Sean quickly swerved to miss it, barely missing another vehicle pulling a trailer and approaching.

As they moved on down the highway, they could sense that the object was following their vehicle. Suddenly they heard a sound, and felt the car being pushed down with a large weight. Then they felt their vehicle being lifted into the air.

Mother Faye was terribly frightened, but managed to roll down her window and reach to feel the roof. She could feel some object that was “soft, rubbery, and hot.” Pulling her arm back inside, she could see a strange, black dust covering it.

Family in Terror

The rest of the family was also in terror, becoming disoriented. They later would recount that their voices sounded strange: they were lower in pitch, and seemed to be in a slower speed. Patrick would add that he felt his “brain was being sucked out.” Also, their vehicle was showing speeds far beyond its capability.

It was as if reality was being distorted, all the while the vehicle was still above the road. As the car finally dropped back down to the highway, one of the tires burst.

As they were able to pull off of the road, the Knowles quickly exited, and ran to some bushes to hide from whatever this strange phenomena was. In time, they regained their composure and went back to the vehicle. They popped on the spare quickly and sped away to a nearby town.

As far as being a tall tale, this was not the case as there was corroboration from a truck driver. Also, there were physical trace marks on the vehicle.

Case Goes Public

The case caused quite a stir when it became public knowledge. The Knowles even gave their account on a national television program. Their testimony seemed sincere and was well presented. There was little doubt that something quite out of the ordinary occurred that day in January.

Was this a true UFO encounter? It seems so, since some type of vehicle was seen on the road ahead. It certainly was no known man-made object, unless it was some type of advanced military vehicle. But, if that was the case, why use the craft on a highway?

Is this something totally unheard of? No, not really. If you have read Larry Warren’s “Left at East Gate,” a personal, eyewitness account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO, you will be fascinated by some similar, strange events, such as time, place and senses being distorted. These anomalies have never been addressed officially, but remain in the mind of the eyewitness.

Thanks to MUFON‘s Ken Pfeifer, and www.weirdaustralia.com