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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: UAP Sighting over Cadiz, Kentucky

Here’s a very interesting case that is quite fascinating, a close encounter, with multiple witnesses!

UAP Sighting over Cadiz, Kentucky

Cadiz, Kentucky – 12-28-12 – At approximately 6:30 PM my fiancé and I were traveling south on Hwy 139 going home. We were talking and had the radio on in our car when bright white lights caught my attention to my left as I was driving.

Bright Lights; Red Flashing Light

There was a red light that flashed a couple of times as well. At first the distance of the lights was so far away over the field that I assumed it was some sort of cell phone or radio tower as it appeared to stand still in the air above the field.

Then as we continued down the highway it started moving parallel with our vehicle. I asked my fiancé repeatedly “What is that?” He said over and over, “I don’t know.” He thought it was an airplane which was possible because of our close proximity to the army base and we see helicopters fly in and out routinely.

However, I thought it was strange that it had hovered for so long over the field and it seemed to be following us. I was so in awe of this craft that I came to a stop in the middle of the highway not realizing there was a vehicle directly behind me.

Luckily they saw what we were looking at but just went around us as we sat in the road and they continued down the highway slowly. When we stopped it seemed as though the craft stopped as well, but I can’t say for sure that it came to a complete stop or if it was going so slowly that it just appeared that way.

Couple Stops Car to Watch

We sat in the car observing the craft for only a couple of minutes when it took off and we decided to keep up with it so we followed passing the road to our house and continuing for about 2 1/2 miles. When the craft was too far and fast for us to catch up, my fiancé pleaded with me to turn around and go home because we didn’t have enough gas to waste driving after something that was already gone.

I decided he was right when I could no longer see the craft. Plus it was dark and we weren’t entirely sure of what we saw. I turned around in a near driveway and headed back toward our road. Right before we reached our road then on the right side we caught a glimpse of the same craft coming back.

So I pulled off the road at a gravel spot directly across from our road. We watched as the craft came over the field by our road in front of us. I took out my cell phone and started to call 911 forgetting that we have no service close to where we live or anywhere near our road. I’m not sure why I was going to call, but I was starting to become a little frightened but still in total awe as was my fiancé.

Object Makes Fantastic Maneuvers

We couldn’t take our eyes off of it because its actions were so peculiar. I did manage to use my cell phone to video brief clips of the craft when it was not so far from us. We stood with our car doors open leaning on the doors but still close enough that we could jump in the car quickly if we needed.

It hovered several minutes almost directly in front of us and to be honest I believe it was watching us because while I’m trying to video record with my phone it went from a complete stop hovering in front of us to slowly flying over the top of us at such a low altitude that it frightened us back into our car.

Boomerang or Triangle Shape Seen

As it came upon us I could see a definite triangle or boomerang shape but it absolutely had 3 points with lights and a red light that only occasionally flashed. We watched out the windows trying to see which way it was going, but the lights didn’t come into view so I rose up and looked through the top of the windshield and realized that it was hovering over us.

My boyfriend kept yelling at me to go, just drive, but I wanted to keep watching it even though I was scared and it felt a little surreal. It didn’t stay over us but a minute or so and when it took off it slowly continued on the slow path it was on.

Then when not far from over us it shot off in the opposite direction like a bullet back over us and quickly out of sight. We sat a minute talking about what we had just seen and once we gathered our thoughts we left and went straight home. When I got home and finally got cell signal I called my dad to tell him what we experienced and he assured me that it was probably a stealth plane from my description.

We live so close to the army base that we wanted to credit it to nothing more than an army aircraft but I have talked to people that say a stealth plane cannot hover or go forward then stop abruptly, then go straight backwards.

I would like to know how I could find out how I would go about getting radar records for what was in the area over Highway 139 and intersecting 164 that November evening at 6:30 – 6:40 PM CDT.

Courtesy of Billy Booth, http://ufos.about.com/