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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Close Encounters - Nuclear Reaction

Close Encounters - Nuclear Reaction

OCTOBER 27-28, 1975: Over two nights, a silent, orange football-shaped object is spotted near the nuclear weapons storage site at Loring Air Force Base in Maine. Airmen describe the object as having no doors or windows and with no visible propellers or engines. The object's proximity to the Base's nuclear weapons arsenal causes grave concern. The control tower makes numerous attempts to contact the aircraft, but there is no response. Its id...entity remains a mystery to this day.

Part 2: GHOST ROCKET: JULY 19, 1946 - Farmer Knut Lindback is out working his fields on the shores of Lake Kolmjarv in Northern Sweden when he sees a massive rocket-shaped object heading towards the Lake. It crashes, causing a deafening explosion and sending a column of water and debris into the air. The military scours the shallow lakebed for any evidence of unusual debris, but nothing is ever found. The government names the mysterious object a 'ghost rocket'.