I've Seen Through The Looking Glass, Outside The Fishbowl

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Close Encounters - Second Coming

Part 1: SECOND COMING: DECEMBER 29, 1980: Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby are driving home after visiting a bingo hall in Dayton, Texas. On a country road, they encounter a large, diamond-shaped craft shooting fire out of its base. The heat is so intense it melts the vinyl of their vehicle's dashboard. They report seeing at least a dozen military helicopters in pursuit of the object. All three suffer physical symptoms similar to radiation poisoning and spend a decade pressing the U.S. government for answers.

Part 2: SPACE ROCK: MAY 20, 1967: Stephen Michalak is an amateur geologist in search of quartz in Falcon Lake, Manitoba. When he arrives at his prospecting site, Michalak encounters a discshaped metallic object, which lands metres away from him. He thinks he hears voices inside the craft, so he moves closer, assuming it is a secret military test vehicle. As Michalak touches the craft, it suddenly blasts off, burning his shirt and leaving permanent marks on his chest. Despite investigations by the U.S. and Canadian governments, no one could ever explain Stefan Michalak's extraordinary encounter.