I've Seen Through The Looking Glass, Outside The Fishbowl

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Reporter And An Air Force Veteran Witness An Enormous UAP

I've always had a keen interest in people who've witnessed giant unidentified aerial objects because it brings back memories and the emotions I felt when I had my experience with a gargantuan circular object over 30 years ago. (Read about it here)

In 1979 in the town of Bridgewater, a number of news outlets and law enforcement agencies were flooded with reports of large, low flying UAPs in the area. Jerry Lopez, an Air Force veteran and Steve Sprasia, a local radio reporter for 16 years, described the object as looking like "an arrow, a baseball home plate with a series of lights on it...very very wide", perhaps as wide as five 747 airliners, wingtip to wingtip!

Check out this brief four-minute news video report.

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I’ve Seen Through The Looking Glass, Outside The Fishbowl


T. Blank