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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Elk Taken into UAP in Washington State

Here is a very interesting yet bizarre case from Washington State. The reason I'm posting this event is because of the "high Strangeness" nature of the incident with multiple, credible witnesses. This adds credence to the all too familiar "cattle mutilation mystery" found all over the globe beginning in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is fascinating and quite disturbing!
1999 - Elk Taken into UAP in Washington State
The event occurred on February 25, 1999 near Mt. St. Helens in the Cascade Mountains. The event was first made public by the National UFO Reporting Center, who on March 1 had received a call on their hotline.
The caller was an employee in the Forestry Service. The reporting hotline was unmanned at the time, so a message was left on the recorder. The caller claimed that a group of forestry workers has witnessed an incredible event; an elk being lifted into an unknown object.
The caller had left names and phone numbers of the individuals involved. Peter Davenport, director of the NUFORC, called the witnesses back and got the whole story. After the director had received the startling testimonies, he decided to begin an investigation into the case.
Field Investigator Called
The NUFORC does not do field investigations, so Mr. Davenport got hold of Robert A. Fairfax, who was at the time, Director of Investigations for the Washington State Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network. Davenport and Fairfax joined company and went to the location of the incident. It was March 5, when they began their work on the case.
In all, there were 14 total witnesses, but the two investigators honed in on three principals of the event, and also interviewed co-workers of the three. In addition to taking eyewitness testimony, they were also shown the carcass of an adult elk, and a pregnant cow. The cow had been found on March 1 on a logging road, which was not far from the location of the elk abduction.
After compiling all of the evidence, the two men released the following findings:
On Thursday, February 25, 1999, at just a few minutes before noon, three forestry workers, who were planting seedling trees in the mountains of Washington State, witnessed a small, disc-shaped object slowly drift over a nearby ridge to their south, and descend into the valley to the north of their position.
The object descended silently with what seemed to the witnesses a purposeful manner, exhibiting a slight "wobble" to its flight.
The three workers at first thought the object was some kind of parachute that was drifting and descending, but they quickly realized that their initial impression was not correct. Hence, they shouted to their eleven co-workers nearby, who were working on the north-facing hillside, and all fourteen members of the work crew watched the object for an estimated 3-5 minutes.
Object Moves Toward Herd of Elk
Within seconds of their first observation of the object, the witnesses became aware that the object was travelling generally in the direction of a herd of elk that they had been watching all morning. They continued to watch as the object proceeded toward the herd until it succeeded in getting quite close to the animals.
The animals apparently remained unaware of the object's presence until it was within a very short distance of the herd.
Suddenly, the animals bolted, most of them running up the slope to their east. However, one adult animal was seen by the witnesses to separate itself from the herd and run or trot generally to the north, perhaps along a logging road.
The witnesses report that at this point, the object quickly moved directly above the lone elk and seemed to lift it off the ground, although no visible means of support of the animal was evident to the observers.
Characteristics of the UAP
The witnesses added that shortly after lifting the elk off the ground, the object seemed to begin to "wobble" to a more pronounced degree than it had exhibited earlier. In addition, as the object appeared to increase its altitude. The elk, which was suspended upright below the disc, rotated slowly beneath it and appeared to be getting closer to the ventral surface of the disc. They also commented that the object seemed to increase in size slightly after it had picked up the animal.
With the elk suspended below it, the object began to ascend slowly up a clear-cut slope to the east. However, the witnesses watched it apparently brush the tops of nearby trees to the east, at which point it reversed its course and proceeded to the west. It executed a 360-degree turn to the left and may have gained some slight altitude in the process, the witnesses thought.
After the object had completed its turn and was once again proceeding in a generally easterly direction, it began ascending very quickly at what seemed to the witnesses to be a rather steep angle. It continued to ascend, and simply disappeared from sight of the witnesses.
Animal Disappears
The witnesses stated that once the object had started to ascend and had climbed to an altitude above their vantage point, they no longer could see the animal suspended below the craft.
Their presumption was that the animal had somehow been taken into the craft, although the witnesses could discern no "door," or any kind of aperture through which the animal might have been conveyed into the craft.
The witnesses also stated that following the incident, the herd of elk remained in the same general area, although remained more closely huddled to one another than had been the case earlier in the morning. The workers added that they, too, had remained closer to one another until their departure from the area at the end of the work day.
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