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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Are Some Of Them Alive?

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon or UFO’s are perceived by the UFO believers as extraterrestrial flying saucers piloted by aliens from other planets visiting our world. This is rather a simplistic human concept in my opinion. We have to think outside the box here. I surmise the phenomenon is far more profound. Although my experience (See my first post) was of a flying saucer nature, I’m convinced this accounts for a very small percentage of the genuine phenomenon. After 30 years of reading and watching testimonials from credible witnesses, some of these mysterious objects appear to behave like living creatures or animals of some sort. Many descriptions resemble the bio luminous creatures, changing colors and shapes found right here in our deep sea’s. Take the Levelland, Texas case for example. 15 independent witnesses/motorists reported that they were confronted by a 100 to 200 foot long glowing object sitting on the road ahead of them which disabled their vehicles until the object flew off. After leaving the area, their car’s mysterious anomalies’ disappeared. Here is a brief recap from Wikipedia about the Levelland, Texas landings.

The incident began late on the evening of November 2 when two immigrant farm workers, Pedro Saucedo and Joe Salaz, called the Levelland police department to report a UFO sighting. Saucedo told police officer A.J. Fowler, who was working the night desk at the police station, that they had been driving four miles (6 km) west of Levelland when they saw a blue flash of light near the road. They claimed their truck’s engine died, and a rocket-shaped object rose up and approached the truck. According to Saucedo, “I jumped out of the truck and hit the dirt because I was afraid. I called to Joe but he didn’t get out. The thing passed directly over my truck with a great sound and rush of wind. It sounded like thunder and my truck rocked from the flash…I felt a lot of heat.” As the object moved away the truck’s engine restarted and worked normally. Believing the story to be a joke, Fowler ignored it. An hour later, motorist Jim Wheeler reported a “brilliantly lit, egg-shaped object, about 200 feet long” was sitting in the road, four miles (6 km) east of Levelland, blocking his path. He claimed his vehicle died and as he got out of his car the object took off and its lights went out. As it moved away, Wheeler’s car restarted and worked normally.

Washington Evening Star on the incident.

Washington Evening Star on the incident.
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At 10:55 pm a married couple driving northeast of Levelland reported that they saw a bright flash of light moving across the sky and their headlights and radio died for three seconds. Five minutes later Jose Alvarez met the strange object sitting on the road 11 miles (18 km) north of Levelland, and his vehicle’s engine died until the object departed. At 12:05 am (November 3), a Texas Technological College (now Texas Tech University) student named Newell Wright was surprised when, driving 10 miles (16 km) east of Levelland, his “car engine began to sputter, the ammeter on the dash jumped to discharge and then back to normal, and the motor started cutting out like it was out of gas…the car rolled to a stop; then the headlights dimmed and several seconds later went out.” When he got out to check on the problem, he saw a “100-foot-long” egg-shaped object sitting in the road. It took off, and his engine started running again. At 12:15 am Officer Fowler received another call, this time from a farmer named Frank Williams who claimed he had encountered a brightly glowing object sitting in the road, and “as his car approached it, its lights went out and its motor stopped.” The object flew away, and his car’s lights and motor started working again. Other callers were Ronald Martin at 12:45 am and James Long at 1:15 am, and they both reported seeing a brightly lit object sitting in the road in front of them, and they also claimed that their engines and headlights died until the object flew away.

By this time, several Levelland police officers were actively investigating the incident. Among them was Sheriff Weir Clem, who saw a brilliant red object moving across the sky at 1:30 am. At 1:45 am Levelland’s Fire Chief, Ray Jones, also saw the object and his vehicle’s lights and engine sputtered. The sightings apparently ended soon after this incident. During the night of November 2–3, the Levelland police department received a total of 15 phone calls concerning the strange object, and Officer Fowler noted that “everybody who called was very excited.”

This is absolutely fascinating. Why would an advanced extraterrestrial race be so interested, and/or appear to be toying with our automobiles? This behavior resembles the actions of curious animals to me. There are many reports from pilots encountering Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon with similar characteristics and actions. UAP’s flying circles around our fastest warplanes, appearing to play with them, including the electronic anomalies’. Again, these actions seem like curious creatures, not aliens from space.

Here is another sighting I saved years ago, from Fay Clark giving the impression of an unknown life form not an alien spacecraft. Unfortunately I don’t have a more detailed report.

“My wife and I observed a UFO resting on a small grove of aspen trees. We had been attracted to the area by a terrifically bright light that was so intense we were unable to look directly at it. Then the light subsided somewhat and we could see the clear outline of the object. All the way around it were openings in its side. The light began to grow until it covered nearly the entire area of the object. As it grew in size, it lost its brilliance and became a lavender color. When the light reached nearly the entire size of the object, the illumination began to shrink down again until it got to the very brilliant white portion again, which, if my judgment were correct, would probably have been about twenty feet in diameter. Then the light would again increase its size to maybe three-quarters or four-fifths of the size of the entire object, and it would be that lavender color.

This process of expansion and contraction of light continued, and my wife and I realized that it was matching the rhythm of our respiration rate.

We became aware that the object was increasing its tempo. We saw one edge of the UFO raise so that it was no longer level with the tops of the trees. In the length of time that it took me to turn my head, the object had moved ten miles out over Death Valley. I know it was ten miles, because we drove out underneath it. The thing that really amazed my wife and me was that it took off at that tremendous speed instantly–with no sound, no fire, no smoke. And all of the trees leaned with it. They were not blasted backward. We looked the area over carefully and found no more small limbs and leaves on the ground than one would find under any grove of trees.

The word that kept coming to me was that the object was impelled, rather than propelled. It was drawn, rather than pushed. If there would have been any force pushing it, it certainly would have blasted limbs and leaves off the trees. We drove out in the desert and stayed with the object for probably an hour and a half, directly underneath it. When we first stopped the car, some substance that looked like whipped cream or heavy fog rolled out of the openings in its sides. It was probably not over 300 feet above the ground, but it was completely hidden from view after it produced its own “cloud” of this substance.

We knew it was there, though, so we drove back a distance so that we could clearly see it sitting on top of its artificial cloud. What we were observing, I believe, was a phenomenon going on inside the object. I believe that the thing was breathing, and I see no reason to change my thought on that matter. My wife and I both had the feeling that we were witnessing the ultimate in creation. The closer we came to the object, the more we were suffused with a feeling of reverence and beauty and humbleness.

We watched the object coming, then observed it change its course to come to hover not more than fifteen feet above our Volkswagen. It seemed to me that it was just looking at us, as if it were studying our little car. I jumped out with my Hasselblad camera and swung it up to take a picture. But before I could even touch the shutter, the UFO zipped right toward a little butte. I had a terrible, sick feeling that anything so beautiful was going to crash and be destroyed. Instead of crashing, though, just before it touched the butte it shot straight up. It didn’t stop; it just changed direction–a right angle, straight up–and disappeared.

No crew could have been in any craft and survived such a maneuver. They would have been mashed against the sides of the vehicle, then pulled apart by the acceleration straight up. I do not believe that we observed a craft made by beings from some other planet. I believe that we were watching a living creature, a form of life.”

I know this sounds quite bizarre but since I’ve had my own “out of this world” experience, I have no choice but to accept this story at face value, give it the benefit of the doubt at least.

This opens up a whole new perspective in Ufology.

As the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek (USAF Project Blue Book) stated, “When the long awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science, but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum leap.”